CorvoSciences is your R&D-partner to improve quality, to innovate and to valorize your enterprise. Products or services are your core business, ours is research. Commerce-based Research by CorvoSciences develops your company, discovers new business possibilities and enhances the worth of your business.

Expertise in biological, biomedical, medical and statistical advice.

Owner of the Statistical Voting Prediction Model (see “effectief campagne voeren”).


Do I need CorvoSciences for my company? That is a frequent asked question. Far more often then anticipated, biology and/or data is the backbone of many companies. The moment to improve, innovate and valorize starts now. With a portfolio in various research projects as for example riping and storage of food, protocol development for new products, medical advice or boosting your political campaign data-driven, CorvoSciences is your R&D partner.

Choosing for research by CorvoSciences, makes a difference:

Choosing for CorvoSciences is choosing for Commerce-based Research; continuous focus on results that lead to innovation of your company products. Effective, efficient and with a brief turnaroundtime.

Having 10 years of experience as laboratorium analyst and 10 years as biomedical researcher (of which 4 years post-doctoral), you inject the right knowledge and expertise in your company.

CorvoSciences is working together in the right balance between independent research and being informed about the progress of the research.

Professional and standardized labor yields reliable and reproducible data.

Meticulous documentation and archiving makes it possible to read back why which results have led to which choices in business activities, years after the research was conducted. The backbone of research is the archive of data. Having 6 years of experience working with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accreditation (2011-2016 & 2018-2019), which is an international guideline to for documentation and archiving.

Innovation or improving quality is good, but what is important is valorization. CorvoSciences understands that you will not perform research to “know more”, but (mostly) because you thrive to give your company that impulse on quality and innovation, strengthening your business.

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